CHIEF CHEMICAL was established in early 80's in the heart of Pakistan, Karachi . The company was founded by Late Mr. Jahangir. He had a vast experience in pharmaceutical chemicals. After completing his bachelors, he keen to start to business in Pharmaceutical industry. With new trends and his efforts chief chemical name has been change to IMPORT TRADE AGENCY and after his aim and struggling efforts NEW IMPORT TRADE has reached to the panicle of chemical industry in pharmaceuticals. IMPORT TRADE AGENCY serving mostly all of the major pharmaceuticals in Pakistan with high quality and testified products. Finally with supplies of high quality product, IMPORT TRADE AGENCY has got the distribution of M/s. LabScan Asia Co. Ltd. Thailand .


With the legendry role from the establishment of New Import Trade to its panicle state Late Mr. Jahangir played a legendry role and provide / supply the high quality products to the pharmaceuticals. May Allah give him best of his soul and guide us to keep his track going on the success of this company. Ameen!